About the Author

This blog is Grant McMillan’s reflection on the world of higher education from the view of a Registrar. It does not reflect the views of Trinity Western University – these views are Grant’s own personal perspectives. Grant is passionate about leadership and management, innovation, and service. In his 20 plus year career in higher education Grant McMillan has distinguished himself as a senior leader in the exciting and innovative, highly complex and political world of colleges and universities. He has led several significant changes in technology at two institutions, including the cultural changes necessary for success. He has developed innovative and responsive service models, leading to significant improvement in client satisfaction in multiple institutions. His consistent senior leadership skills have led to him being recognized for his roles in associations across western Canada, and he is regularly consulted for solutions in the areas of human resources, policy management, service delivery, and technology. Grant is a subject matter expert in higher education administration, and believes there two essential values for university leaders: truth and trust. He consults and coaches with these two foundations as his guiding principles.

Grant has been a Registrar in two institutions, Briercrest College from 1997 to 2007, and Trinity Western University since 2007. He has been actively involved in the Western Association of Registrars of Universities and Colleges in Canada since 1997, and the BC Registrars Association since 2007. He served on the Executive of WARUCC from 1999 to 2009, as Vice President, President, and Past President, twice being asked to extend his terms. He recently completed a term on the Executive of the British Columbia Registrars Association.

Grant is married to author and teacher, Kathleen McMillan. Check out her series of children’s books.  He is an accomplished wood carver and sculptor, with carvings and sculptures in private collections all across Western Canada, Montana, and Washington State, as well as in South Africa and New Zealand. Check out his carving site here.

He also plays sports, especially hockey and soccer, and enjoys exploring the outdoors through hiking, camping, canoeing (making canoes and paddles, too), fly-fishing and fly tying, and fly-rod making.

Fly Fishing Grant

3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Dear Registrar Emmeritus:

    Thanks for the blog! It is great and a regular resource.

    Just finished “filing” your box of leftovers. Today was annual filing day in the office. I found wonderful treats such as a Clan MacMillan bookmark, the WARUCC 2003 sticker, which now adorns my filing cabinet, an almost empty book of matches (? :D), and various and sundry office supplies. The files, well, most of them were archived to the blue bins while others are stored for future reference.

    Thanks for all you did previously. Ironically I am now retraining your former Assistant, of which you are undoubtedly aware of. Any advice?

    Have a great weekend


    1. Hi Barb!

      Glad you are enjoying my leftovers – I didn’t realize I had left anything like that. I have no idea what the matches were for. My former Assistant responds well to coffee and uninterrupted time with his door closed, unlike me, who likes to meet, talk over ideas, and dream out loud (Jim can tell you more).


  2. Well put ! I particularly enjoy the 3 carvings that adorn my home. When new people come they ask,”Where did you get that carving? It is amazing”.


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