The One Stop Shop Transcript

Is anyone else a little jaded and tired of the phrase “one stop shop”? Does such a thing actually exist in a university? Hopefully I won’t offend anyone by calling this Basic Guiding Principle of the National Transcript Guide a one stop shop transcript. Here is the principle:

All credentials should be displayed on a single transcript which reflects the entire academic experience at the issuing institution.

I am not exactly certain of all the reasons why this is important, but I can share my own perspectives. And, by the way, if you’re looking to catch up on the other posts in this series, here are some links to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

  1. Having all credentials on a single transcript means that the relevant information useful for admission to another college or university or for an employer is in on one document from the institution. It also saves the student from having to remember to request each transcript for each credential and helps to ensure that nothing is overlooked in an application. In other words, the receiving institution can say to a student, “Wait, you already have all the business/commerce courses you need in your BBA credential – you do not need to take more of our Qualifying Studies courses. You can be admitted directly into our MBA program.”
  2. It provides a more comprehensive perspective on the student experience at University XYY. This is important for admission committees who need to assess how well a student is prepared for their institution’s programs. In other words, they can say, “OK, this guy did really well in his Leadership certificate, but not so well in his Math diploma. We will not admit him directly into the BSc in Math, but we will admit him into the BA in Leadership.”
  3. It helps to stop the student from selecting the most positive document to present the best perspective of their academic career. Instead, the entire academic experience at College ABC is presented. Related to this, it helps the admitting institution from issuing a duplicate credential. In other words, a student with a BA in History from College ABC should not also be issued a BA in History from University XYZ.

Am I missing anything? Drop a comment if you have anything to add.



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