SOS Hotline: Alumni to the Rescue

One thing I love about working at a school like Trinity Western University is the vast network of well-connected alumni who are committed to helping our current students. There are hundreds of stories I could tell about how they help, but here’s one quick one.

Early this morning I got a call on my mobile phone from an alumnus. He said, “Hey Grant, this is an SOS call. My colleague’s son wants to withdraw because he feels overwhelmed. He’s a freshman, and we think he’s making a mistake. It might be a knee-jerk reaction to a pile of assignments that crept up on him. That’s a common freshman thing, right? I mean, I went through that myself. Can you help? What options do they have?” I gave him a couple of options for how to help and told him I would check it out further when I got into the office.

Regardless of the outcome of this particular situation- whether the freshman student sticks it out or withdraws – this is what makes a school like ours so great. Our alumni care enough to make a phone call like that.

In fact, this gives me an idea. Maybe we should set up an SOS hotline that our alumni can call when they discover a problem… [wheels turning in Grant’s brain] Should we paint the phone red?


One thought on “SOS Hotline: Alumni to the Rescue

  1. Great story Grant! Thanks for sharing
    We do have amazing alumni.
    SOS hotline sounds interesting. Maybe we set up as a Facebook page?Something else?
    Anyone else have some ideas on how this could work? The Alumni Office would love to hear your thoughts.


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