It’s Easy to Say Thank You

Payment deadlines can be stressful. Conscientious students want to make sure their accounts are cleared of any outstanding debt to their university. We all know that tuition is stinkin’ expensive, and clearing that debt isn’t always easy (right mom & dad?). It’s an important sacrifice that should not go unnoticed.

(I hope the IT department doesn’t notice what’s under that jug of iced tea 😳 )

Saying thank you to students who pay their bills is pretty easy, and it is appreciated! For the past couple of years, our Admissions team hosts an Ice Cream Social in summer for new students and their parents, and we provide the opportunity to pay for the semester that day. Ice cream smooths the pain of payment! And other times we put out a jug of iced tea (for you ‘mericans that’s sweet iced tea because we are so sweet here in Canada). That jug lasted all day and was only half-empty in the end, but students beamed at the offer even if they didn’t take any.

Simple gestures like saying thank you with ice cream or iced tea mean a lot.


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