Scarcity Mentality

What is this “scarcity mentality”? This is when we think there is a limited supply of _________ (insert money, love, food, etc.).

It is based in fear – fear of being left out, of not getting my share, of being left behind, of not being treated equally.

Marketers use this to great effect: “Get it before it’s gone!” “While quantities last.” “Don’t be the last one on your block to own a minivan.” (Ok, maybe that last one is suspect…)

The problem is that this scarcity mentality can be paralyzing. “I wish we had the resources of that big, publicly funded university – just think what we could do!” “I wish my department had what they have.” In other words, “We can’t – I wish we could but there just isn’t enough.” Paralyzing.

Stop wishing. Do.

Stephen Covey said it best – have an abundance mentality. If you think you might not get your slice of the pie, bake another pie! Share the slice you have now. “When people are genuinely happy at the successes of others, the pie gets larger” (Covey).



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