The Artistic Registrar

Architectural Corbel
Architectural Corbel

This is a shout-out to my “other life” – the artistic side of me that comes out after dark and on weekends. I’m not only a registrar, I am also a wood carver and sculptor. Check out my carving site here:

I believe it is important to be a well-rounded person. I don’t exactly have the ideal of being a Renaissance Man, but I believe that work and leisure, along with being a true amateur (in the old understanding of the term: a serious lover of something) are important parts of who we are. I agree with Josef Pieper ( that our modern world of total labour is not healthy. Being artistic and including leisure in my life keeps me from being in bondage to the idolatry of work. Specifically, carving and sculpture helps me see the world in unique ways. There is something very different about seeing a horse and trying to sculpt one: sculpting helps me realize just how little I see and know about horses. Sculpting helps me realize that my view of the world is limited. Registrars can tend to view the world a certain way and it is tempting to put registrars in a box (gate keepers, policy wonks, rule-oriented, red-tape regulators, etc.), but being an artist helps keep me from such temptations.

What do you do to develop your worldview?


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