The Generous Registrar

I love giving other people’s money away – oh, and I’m quite good at it too!

But seriously, I recently served on a committee for Universities Canada’s summer scholarship selections and my proficiency in giving away money to deserving applicants improved. In case you didn’t know, Universities Canada partners with many, many organizations and companies to administer scholarships, fellowships, and internships for these organizations. Check out Universities Canada Scholarships.

There are two things I hope you hear from me today.

  1. Get the word out about these scholarships. There’s a lot of money available, and sometimes there are more scholarships available than applicants. Talk to your Financial Aid and Awards people. Talk to your kids. There’s money available.
  2. Volunteer your services on committees like this. I traveled to Ottawa for a few days of pretty hard work. We spent several very full days adjudicating awards, which meant reading file box after file box of applications, ranking each one, and debating who was most deserving of the awards. But the best part? It restored my faith in young people. Seriously, if I was at liberty to tell you some of the stories you would be amazed at what these young people have already done in their lives. Numerous times our committee members would say things like this, “Oh my word! Listen to what this student has done!” The rest of us would stop our own reading with a smile and enjoy hearing yet another story about someone who is changing the world for the better. Volunteer when you get the chance. If you need someone to convince your boss, let me know and I’ll make the call!

Give back in two ways – share the word about these scholarships and when your association comes calling, support them by volunteering. You too can change someone’s world.

A shout out to Philip Landon, Director of Partnerships and Programs at Universities Canada: you do good work!



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