Free Privacy & Fraud Protection Protocols

In keeping with the Registrar 101 theme of this blog, I thought I would share some office procedures and protocols with you. Sometimes it is useful to have a window into how someone else does things. I’ve provided a downloadable document that covers some protocols related to the university seals that are in our possession and the signature stamps that my office staff use for documents that require the signature of the Registrar. Seals are used to emboss documents and add to their “officialness” (<– not an official word). They’re not something that should be left lying around, as they could be walked off with fairly easily. Also, my signature has been placed on a stamp so that my staff can sign documents which require the signature of the Registrar. I’d rather not have to sign a massive stack of papers every day, so this is our expedient method of doing this. My stamped signature can also add a certain odor of “officiality” (<– another non-official word) to documents and so I don’t want these stamps lying around waiting to walk off and be used for nefarious purposes. This downloadable file shares some protocols that we developed in-house related to how my staff should use seals and signature stamps, all with the view of better protecting against their theft and potential fraudulent use.

Free downloadable file (.docx file): Protocols for Fraud and Privacy Protection It is completely free – I have no commercial interests with this blog.

Please note that this file is not intended to be a legal document and I offer no guarantees that it will protect you or your staff against fraud or inappropriate releases of private information. It is intended to be a guide for you to use to review your daily office procedures. Basically, I am claiming no responsibility for how you use it or what results from its use.

I encourage you to review the document for your own learning. You may wish to revise it and the related procedures for your own purposes and that is up to you.

You may also read this over and say, “But Grant! You’ve completely missed this important thing!”

If you do that, please tell me what I’ve missed. I’m simply sharing a tool that the staff in my office use to help them in their daily work. If I’ve missed something important, I WANT TO KNOW! Please feel free to share your suggested improvements with me. Leave a comment with your suggestions. If I revise this document with your suggestions, I may repost it here so that others can benefit from the improvements.

Protocol to your heart’s content!


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