Remember Your Influence

This is the time of year when young college students make decisions about their futures based on how things are going for them right now.

They will be receiving mid-term exam marks back soon, and their first projects will be returned to them with  A+ grades. They are also just about to head home for Canadian Thanksgiving (or stay on campus with the prospect of being bored and lonely).

You would be amazed how many students assume that a bad mid-term grade means they should go elsewhere. I am always surprised how many students make the choice to attend TWU simply because we’re the first or the nicest school to contact them when they apply.

Undergrad students are often strongly influenced by the smallest things. Big decisions are often made around the Thanksgiving dinner table. This is the time of year when YOU can make a difference in their lives. Remind your staff to encourage them every chance they can. Students should leave your office knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you care about them.

I know you care for students – why else would you do this job? I simply want to remind you of your position of influence.



2 Responses to “Remember Your Influence”

  1. Grant,
    I’m the Assistant to the Registrar at Heritage. Thank you for writing this article. I LOVE what you had to say above. What stood out for me most was ‘Students should leave your office knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you care about them’. I was very encouraged by your words.

    Shine on!
    Sandi Brubacher


    • Thanks Sandi. I’m glad you were encouraged. I didn’t put this in the blog post, but I also think it’s important to validate students’ decisions, as in, “I think you’ve made a great choice of program.” Of course, this should only be done after you know what they’re doing and can truthfully validate it, but it is important for our students to know that we believe in them.


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