Who’s In Your Corner?

Every good boxer has a better corner man. Think Mickey from Rocky.

Look back over your life. Who’s been in your corner?

I’ve had numerous people who’ve believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. A personal corner man in my life was Dr. Paul Magnus. He invited me into his life and work when I was a young student and he was a college President. He included me in things I had no business being included in. He kicked my butt when I needed it kicked, and he gave me responsibilities I felt I was nowhere near capable of handling – except that if he thought I could do it, then I’d give it my best shot. I had confidence because I knew he was in my corner.

Share a quick story with me – post a comment about who’s been in your corner.

Feel like no one’s in your corner? Turn the question on it’s head: Who’s corner are YOU in? Be someone’s corner man/woman and then see what happens.

Tell me about that, too!


3 thoughts on “Who’s In Your Corner?

  1. This is a great post. I think it is great you are encouraging people to evaluate “who has been in their corner”. I read a lot and have come across several articles that discuss how your reference group or in the case “people in your corner” shape who you are as a person. It is inevitable that over time you will begin to talk, act, and desire the same ways and things they do. Having said that, the people in our corner are extremely important to our development as individuals.

    In fact, my girlfriend has been in my corner for over two years and told me I should start my blog. She told me I had a powerful message and that I should share it. She lives kindness every day and now I am trying to get other people to intentionally bring happiness and kindness to the world like she does.

    Great post. If you get some time you should check out Project Deeds and help us bring kindness to the world.


  2. To be honest, Grant, you were one of the first people to show any real support for my blogging/writing. I was always, and still am, thankful for that.


    1. Dave, you’re a very good writer and I always enjoy your perspective. I might question your wisdom regarding which team you cheer for, but otherwise you’re a good guy! Thanks for letting me know this – it’s encouraging!


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