We Don’t Need No Education!

Pink Floyd references aside, have you read Leo Charbonneau’s blog on “Some reflections from a pioneer on teaching and learning in Canada” yet? He summarizes a talk given by Dr. Christopher Knapper, an educational development expert. After some blah blah blah on universities in crisis (can a crisis be perpetual?!?) and MOOCs (yawn), the part that really caught my attention was Dr. Knapper’s five”-ations”. I wish someone had told me about those five back in 1986!

I know I’m going to sound like a homer when I say this, but one of the main reasons I think people should choose to come to Trinity Western University is not just for the “education” but for the “socialization”. The students here constantly amaze me. I doubt there is such a high concentration of future leaders anywhere else on the planet! You wouldn’t even have to take classes to end up with fabulous opportunities – you’d just have to hang around the cafeteria or one of the collegia and make friends with these world-changers.

Of course, this hasn’t happened by accident. The faculty, administration and student life professionals at Trinity Western University have been quite deliberate about creating the climate to promote exactly this. The best attracts the best.

Now, make sure you read Leo Charbonneau’s blog!

Happy New Year!


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