My Wife Is A Children’s Author

Yes, normally this is a blog about Registrar Stuff. But I’m hijaking it to tell you something cool about my wife. I’m sure you already know that she is a children’s author, yes? She’s published two books already and has written a third one. Here are the covers for the first two books:





















You’ve heard the old saying, “you can’t just a book by it’s cover”, but I’m sure you can tell these books are selling well, and they are! They’re aimed at kids ages 3 to grade 3, or preschool to primary aged kids. They’re not just stories, though. There is a grand scheme – a whole curriculum for parents and teachers to use (my wife is also a teacher).

Ok, so about this third book, she and her publisher are trying something new and innovative. They want to include you in the creation of a best seller. And it’s not just the old-fashioned way where if enough of you buy the book it’ll be a best seller. Oh no, this is way cooler than that. You can actually be part of this book! Yes you can. Check out how here.

Read more about the big idea behind this book series and how they can really help kids out by checking out the Open Eyes Books website.

Now, back to registrarial matters…

Grant McMillan



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