The Number One Secret to Success

(Yes, I’m having a bit of fun with that title)

Alternate Title: The One Best Way to Reduce Barriers to Enrollment in Your University or College (Part Two)

Reducing barriers to enrollment can seem overwhelming.  I can’t solve 1000 500 different problems. I can’t solve even 100 different blocks for students to enroll. That’s too much.

But I can do one thing: I can listen.

  • I can listen to the recruiters who are on the road at events, visiting potential students every day. What do they say are the biggest issues stopping students from enrolling?
  • I can listen to admissions counselors who work with applicants. What are the problems they constantly have to help students overcome?
  • Who are the applicants who do not enroll? How can I listen to them to find out why they chose not to come to my school?
  • Will I listen to high school guidance counselors concerns about encouraging (or discouraging) students from enrolling in my institution?
  • Who is withdrawing from their studies in my college? Who’s asking them why?
  • Who could be returning to my university this fall but isn’t? How can I hear from them?

Those who listen find people willing to talk. And those willing to talk are usually willing to be part of the solution. And now you have a coalition of change agents. You’re well on your way to solving those barriers to enrollment.

Got your ears on?


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