Quality Improvement for BC Post-Secondary Education

Post-secondary education in British Columbia has undergone some very significant changes over the past 5 years. When I returned to BC just over five years ago, the post-secondary system was primarily broken down into three basic segments: universities (there were five), university-colleges (which were kinda new even then) and colleges, and the private, career-training institutes and colleges (there are hundreds of these).

This all changed a few years ago when out-going Premier Gordon Campbell announced that there would be five new universities, some of which learned about this when the announcement was made! There has also been growth in the private non-profit post-secondary world as well as growth in the private for-profit college world.

Some of this change might seem a little unsettling, and it certainly reflects some new ideas about what education is for. It’s about time we took a look at post-secondary education in BC.

Under the BC Jobs Plan, the Province of BC is looking for your input and ideas to improve post-secondary education in British Columbia. Here’s a short quote from the moderator:

“The Ministry of Advanced Education wants you to tell us what a high quality post-secondary education means to you and how will you know you have received one.”

Comments are being accepted until April 30, 2012, so get on it! Click on the link above to give your input, or click here.

I have one last comment. The very fact that this review is falling under the BC Jobs Plan should tell you what this government believes education is for. In the future, I predict that we will see a lot more focus on that most-American idea of outcomes where education becomes more about training for specific jobs than it is about the Liberal Arts.


2 thoughts on “Quality Improvement for BC Post-Secondary Education

  1. Great blog post Grant!

    I’m one of the moderators on the BC Jobs Plan forum. Indeed, so far, many of the comments we have from in the forum from British Columbians tie the value of educational programs directly to outcomes in the job market. However, our question is less about where we think the future of advanced education needs to go as it is about hearing from experts like yourself and your readers.

    We’re looking to gather as wide an input we can – we really need to hear from you, your readers and your colleagues about what the future of advanced education should be in British Columbia.

    Please continue to share the links with your readers and please encourage people to participate in the discussion. After all, those of you who work and breathe advanced education everyday have expertise and insight that will be of tremendous value to shaping the future – http://www.bcjobsplan.ca


    1. Thanks Bowen. Thanks for clearing up what the desire of the BC Jobs Plan really is. I will encourage participation as much as possible. I’ve already made several comments on Twitter about it over the past few days. I’m so glad that you are implementing this forum!


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