Graduation Audits – A Personal Perspective

Hi folks! Here is a guest post from Emily Greenhalgh, Associate Registrar at Trinity Western University. She and several other staff are in the midst of preparing for graduation. Here’s a peek into the very personal side of the Registrar’s Office.


Students: this one’s for you!

It’s spring semester again.  What that means in the Office of the Registrar is that a lot of our time and efforts are put toward the graduation ceremony that will be coming up in April.  Right now it’s Degree Audit time.  We need to review each student’s file to ensure they will be completing their degree requirements and therefore be eligible to participate in the ceremony. We do this with a combination of some special reports, but mostly it is a manual job with pen and paper.

I, personally, have conducted over 75 audits in the past week.  And to be honest, I find it emotional.  My heart goes into each file.  I find myself cheering for each student that I can mark as eligible to participate.  Sometimes it takes some creative work to decipher our degree requirements, so when I come across someone who looks like they may not complete on time I do everything I can to find a way to satisfy that last requirement.  Is there a cross-listed course we can use?  Great!  Did their GPA bump up enough with that last grade?  Whew!   How many upper-level credits were they taking this semester, again?  Oh, good!!  It happens every year that there are students who are not eligible to participate in the ceremony, but it’s always with a sense of disappointment that I mark that in their file.  I understand the sense of excitement that comes with completion of a degree and graduation… and the sense of let down when those plans are delayed.  Maybe it is easy for some people just to mark a paper file and move on, but I see a ‘face’ behind each one.

In ways, by the time we reach the graduation ceremony in April, I feel that I know many of our students more personally than before.  Of course I will not have met many of them face-to-face, but in a small way I have put effort behind getting them to where they are.  I have cheered them on, if only from behind the scenes.  And I will be there to cheer when they cross the platform!

Most students won’t know why I might have a little smile on my face when I hand them a name card or help with pinning their hood… it’s because I know what’s gone on behind the scenes to make it happen.  Go graduates!



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