We’re Hiring! Apply Within

Hi again, folks. I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet over the past weeks. I’ve been away on holidays, and I’ve been a wee bit busy with my personal life. Selling our home and buying a new place will do that to you, I guess. We plan to move into our new place on September 15, which is crazy considering my wife and I both work in education and school is starting just before that here in Canada. That’s how it worked out and I’m sure we’ll survive. Somehow. I hope… 😉

But I’m back. So are you. I’m very glad to “see” you again!

I have some very good news to share with you and I hope you’ll share it too. We have two positions for hire in our office. One is to replace a current staff member who is going off to do more education. That position is a front-line, meet the students face-to-face and give them great service kind of position. It’s a registration and payment and solution-finding position. This person will work with a team of eight.

The other position is a behind-the-scenes database position, focused on research, numbers, data clean-up, report-writing, editing and generally for the neat and tidy types. This person will work with a team of three.

We have a great working environment. It’s not a union environment, but people are treated well here and our office staff all get along great. They are high achievers, each of them hired partly because they have a customer service, solution-finding mind set. So much of our work is integrated, so at any one time, you’ll find people putting their heads together to figure something out and we enjoy that collaborative atmosphere in the office.

Come work for us. Apply within. If you can’t come work for us, but you know someone who might be interested, please share this with them! And if you have further questions, shoot me an email at grant (dot) mcmillan (@) twu (dot) ca [that’s code to keep the spambots from finding my email address and filling my inbox with drivel]

Next post will be more interesting (with pictures), and is coming soon.




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