Summer Time = Renovation Time at TWU

In Front of the Reimer Student Centre @ TWU

Summer time at TWU seems to be the best time to do renovations. In fact, since I’ve been at TWU, there has always been some major renovation or new construction. First it was the new School of Media Arts & Culture buildings, then it was the move into the Langley Events Centre for our Spartans Athletics teams. Next came the new fire support pump house buildings (which my son helped build) and some significant renovations to the Douglas Building (which my son also worked on). This summer it’s new carpet in the Mattson Centre and a new exterior & seismic upgrades to Fraser Hall, and an extension on the Neufeld Science Centre courtesy of KIP funding. You might not think that new carpet is a big deal, and it’s not from a renovation standpoint, but it is a big deal for an office that’s trying to stay open to serve the campus community. Why is it a big deal? Because when you change carpets, you have to take everything off the floor. If you look around your office space right now, I think you’ll see that pretty much means everything except the pictures on your walls.

Try removing everything from your office and still stay open to serve clients. It’s not easy, let me tell you. But we lived through it with some humour, a great carpet installing company, and a superb IT department who patiently and without a word of complaint moved some computers, printers, and phones three times in a week to help us out.

Students were sometimes a little confused when the front doors were blocked off and they had to go around to a side entrance that said, “Exit Only.” They managed to find their way into the building. Sometimes they ended up in a maze of desks and chairs stacked up in front of them, but they made it work, too.

Twelve days later and the office is all put back together again. Check out some pics below – including a couple of Fraser Hall.


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