Registrars Conference Coming Up!

Pardon me – I was just drooling over the WARUCC Conference Schedule – did I get any on you? Sorry about that, but have you seen the list of top-notch presentations yet? Wow!

The first one to catch my attention was “Diplomas Counterfeiting and the Internet.” Ooo, intrigue, anti-counterfeiting, etc. Sounds juicy. Then I spotted a Strategic Enrolment Management presentation called, “Third Time Lucky?” Ah, someone’s actually being honest about mistakes made and lessons learned. That should be good.

Several presentations around the whole Risk Management world look great. For example, how to manage Study Abroad students and the risks inherent in administering their travel studies is one topic. Another is called, “Behavioural Incident Policy and Procedures” and comes from the voice of experience: “At the University of Lethbridge, we encountered our first serious behavioural incident in…” Yikes – I’d like to hear about that.

One of the most interesting topics for me is labelled, “Revoking the Degree: From Crisis to Policy.” What? We’d actually do that? Now that I think about it, yes, yes we probably would/could. I’d better get familiar with that policy – it is likely the most serious penalty a university could impose on a student.

Also, for the techies out there, hear about going mobile – developing apps for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Androids. The University of Toronto Mississauga is the leader in Canada on this and has developed apps for timetables, exam schedules, viewbooks, etc., including Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Finally, two presentations that I know will be absolutely top-drawer are from a good friend and former colleague, Dr. Ellery Pullman. He’s an expert in Developmental Psychology, and also in mentoring from a developmental psychology approach. Appropriately, he’s making two presentations at the conference: “Understanding Today’s College Student” and “The Adaptive Model of Mentoring.”

But there’s still more that I haven’t even touched. And of course, when I attend conferences I usually change my mind about which sessions I’m going to attend. So, check out the sessions yourself and I hope you plan to attend the conference.


Grant McMillan


2 thoughts on “Registrars Conference Coming Up!

  1. Sure wish I was going to be there to enjoy all these interesting presentations. Our Convocation was pushed back a week because the Symphony wanted the Winspear, and we’re number 2!

    Since I’m retiring on the 30th, I’m going to add my personal email address so we can keep in touch.



    1. Thanks Joan. It appears that I’m not going to be able to make it either. DRAT! Thanks for your personal email – I’d love to keep in touch. You’re one of my Registrar heroes. I’ll never forget the time you led WARUCC out from a very difficult spot with the banking and President vacancy and all that. I learned a ton from you. Thank you!


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