The Value of Membership

Enlightened leaders look to the future, and one significant way they do that is by supporting leadership development around them. I was reminded of this as I received an email from a member of the Executive of the Western Association of Registrars inviting applications for funding. The amount of funding available is significant ($5000!), and is for educational and leadership development purposes in the registrarial realm (and yes, we are a regal bunch). What a forward looking bunch! I’ve already suggested a few ideas of how to use this money to a few people I know who could benefit from this and who are contributors to the Registrar’s profession.  

If you are in the registrars office area and a member of WARUCC, you really should continue professional development and apply for this funding. If you’re not a member of WARUCC because you’re in another location, I hope you have a Registrars Association and I hope you’re a contributing member of it. If you don’t have such an association, it’s high time you started one. After all, there are few better ways to learn the profession and to develop future leaders than through such an organization. Read how WARUCC started here. Then go start your own association like these people did.

The WARUCC Assistantship Fund is quite meaningful to me personally because it’s named after a friend and colleague, J. David McLeod. David lost the battle with cancer at a rather young age, but not before making a significant contribution to the profession even after he had left the profession. I am very proud that the Association saw fit to memorialize him through this fund. David was a leader and not much fired him up more than to see other people learning to be leaders too.

Membership has its rewards. Sign up now!


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