Warning: Rant Follows

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it: one of my goals in my life at work is to add value. Sometimes that means going to bat for students. One situation I find myself having to help students with all the time is with the recognition of our University with US colleges and universities.

In fact, it’s fast becoming a pet peeve of mine: HEY! US SCHOOLS *KNOCK KNOCK* Canadian Universities aren’t regionally accredited because Canada doesn’t have regional accreditation. Stop telling our students they can’t get into your graduate programs because TWU isn’t regionally accredited!

What I end up doing several times a month is sending some college or university official who hasn’t done his homework a letter explaining how things work in a country that is outside the US borders. Every time I do so, I wonder if that official would reject an applicant from Oxford University or Tianjin University because they aren’t regionally accredited. It seems silly to me to have to explain that a top-ranked University in Canada is actually a credible institution, yet I have to do so all too often.

If you’d like a copy of my standard form letter so you can modify it for your own use to help educate another institution of higher learning, please email me at grant.mcmillan@twu.ca


5 thoughts on “Warning: Rant Follows

  1. It is frustrating to encounter those who don’t understand the Canadian system, although I will cut them some slack as we vary by province. Alberta does have a program accreditation body (CAQC), BC has DQAB, the Maritimes have MPHEC, Ontario has PEQAB. These are similar but slightly different bodies which can be confusing. Saskatchewan is now thinking about an accreditation process. AUCC membership is frequently used as a proxy for accreditation, which is ironic for a body that tries to be clear that it is not such. In contrast, the regional system in the US seems pretty neat and tidy.

    I am somewhat less willing to cut the same slack to Canadian institutions and bodies. For that matter, the Canadian government in its various departments seems to be blind to the status of King’s to the detriment of students. It is hard to believe that bodies that deal with post-secondary institutions do not develop greater expertise in the nuances of the Canadian system.

    Perhaps some retired Registrar should publish a definitive guide to to the recognition of universities and colleges in Canada. Any takers?


      1. Either of these would be a good choice. Leslie Lavers from the U of Lethbridge is another soon to be retired Registrar. Is there we seem to be at a generational turnover point!


  2. Ok that got a little incoherent at the end! We are at a turnover point, but I also wanted to know if there was something in the air bringing on all this retiring.


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