A Proud Dad Again

Over a year ago, I told you the story of my daughter who, for her 16th birthday, chose to volunteer for Operation Christmas Child in Calgary. Now my 18 year old son Zachary just returned from a two week trip to Haiti working with a Starfish Ministries team on a construction/mission trip. While he was there they worked at an orphanage. The guys focused on building a basketball court, putting up some walls and a roof at a school, and drilling a well for an orphanage in Tricotte, a small village about 4 hours from Port au Prince. The women focused on teaching cooking and sewing as well as painting and cleaning. He came back with some great stories, some sobering photos, and a desire to return to Haiti someday soon.

Earthquake destruction
Haiti Tent City

 Zach said that there was so much destruction from the massive earth quake , but almost no heavy equipment was available to remove the rubble, so most of it is still laying around. The fronts of stores and homes have been cleared by people using wheel barrows, but the sides and backs of buildings are still as they were last year after the quake hit.

Pouring Cement

All the cement was mixed in wheel barrows by hand. The cement was to build the cinder block walls and to pour the floor for the basketball court.

Zach doing construction
Constructing a roof


Roof Construction almost Complete

It wasn’t all construction work that the team did either. They also taught the kids in the orphanage and school. As you can see from the picture below, the skills the kids learned will take them far in life (wink wink).

Zach with some boys in the orphanage

And once again, I am a very proud dad. I love my kids and their commitment to showing Christian love to the world in real, hands-on ways. I’m cheering for you, Zach!

Doug getting readings on the well drilling progress
Well Drilling

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