Are You an Encouragement Today?

This can be a tough time of year in any organization north of the equator. North of the 49th parallel, things can be a bit bleak with the sun rising after we get to work and setting before we go home. I really feel for those of you who live in Prince George or Edmonton or Timmins or anywhere way up there . Sometimes it must feel like the sun will never shine again. It might be a good time to step out and do something encouraging for your staff or colleagues.

I am writing this as I’m sitting for the morning in our receptionist desk. I feel a bit like I’m on the TV show Undercover Boss. It’s amazing what I don’t know – such as how to reset passwords, or how to access the main phone line voice mail. But I hope my efforts to help out in a crazy busy time of year when we’re short staffed will be one very little thing that can encourage our office. We’re all doing more than is sustainable over any length of time, so even a little thing like this might just be that extra bit of encouragement.

That’s what I’m doing today. Maybe for you it’s buying someone a coffee, or taking a moment to notice their efforts and encourage them for it. Help make a bleak time of year a little less bleak.

Cheers to you for making my day a little less bleak and reading and interacting with me on this blog!



4 thoughts on “Are You an Encouragement Today?

  1. Wonderful reminder…even though today is truly glorious in Seattle! Our office selected Feb 14th as a “staff appreciation” day several years ago. It works because we give cards or candy and have cupcakes together on a day that some of my folks detest. (I got engaged on the 14th, so I’m one of “those” people). And it reminds us to think about what we appreciate and why about those we spend so much time with every day.


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