Can You Play Nice?

You’ve heard of Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM)? What about Strategic Conference Session Attendance (SCSA)? No? That’s ok – I just made that term up now 🙂

What do I mean by SCSA? It’s often difficult to choose from sessions I want to attend. At PACRAO 2010, there are usually 9 sessions available during each time slot, and I typically find myself interested in about 5 of them. It’s tough!

Monday, I chose to attend a session entitled, “Works Well with Others – the Importance of Effective Collaboration” by Neil Marnoch, Registrar at University of Manitoba. I chose it because Neil was a guy who offered me help and ideas in my early days as Registrar. He was always one of the first to respond to my queries and he offered me insider information – he exemplifies openness and transparency and I wanted to learn why and how. After hearing his session, I know I made a good choice.

His session was packed with information, much of which I’d heard before, but one helpful piece was his distinction between collaboration and consultation. Consultation is when leaders consult with others for opinions, ideas, problems, etc. and then make their own decision. Collaboration includes shared decision making and working together to solve problems. In my own silo-world of TWU, this is a big challenge. Several of his diagrams of different choices of collaboration methods gave me ideas. Best of all, he listed a number of books and articles and websites where he did his research. I took special note of those and will dig into them myself.  Check out his presentation online and find his resources on the PACRAO Conference Website.


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