Are Registrars Cool or Not?

I’m heading home from the PACRAO conference in Calgary (blogging from YYC). I presented a session on why the Registrar position isn’t considered very cool and what I think we should do about it. It seems to have struck a chord, as everwhere I turned that was the topic of discussion.

I had a great time meeting Ken Steele of Academica Group, and he engaged this topic with me right away. We’re having a great discussion. Check out his blog on the conference and my session here.

Anyhow, my flight’s boarding, so I’ll talk more about this later. Cheers!


P.S. Our hotel (Hyatt Regency) was also hosting the Canadian Hall of Fame inductions with a huge dinner celebration tonight. I met Brian Williams, currently of TSN, formerly of CBC and my favorite broadcaster of all time. I loved his coverage of the 2010 Olympics. I also saw numerous retired athletes like Patrick Roy and others. FUN!


2 thoughts on “Are Registrars Cool or Not?

  1. Interesting how the “Coolness” topic kept coming up. Actually , it is cool where I live, as in temperature.

    I walked past Treavor Lydnen and other hockey guys that I recognized but could not put names to. They were checking out a building near where I was going to shop. Wondering if that makes me cool?


    1. That’s very cool! Trevor Linden’s one of my all-time favourites.
      Yes, the topic of how to to make Registrars appear cool might seem a bit silly at first, but when people realize that the way to get the best is to attract people to it. So, while “cool” might not really be what we’re after, at least making the job seem important and interesting should be part of our agenda.


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