Cool Ideas Begin Here

Hey folks, I’m blogging from the PACRAO Conference today. It’s the 2010 Conference and 84th Annual Meeting (yes, you read that right – 84 years old this year!) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The conference has about 225 people at it, and it’s running very smoothly. It started off at 5:00 PM on Sunday with an opening plenary speaker who was great! Jeff Adams, an Olympian, Paralympian and World Champion spoke on the power of focus that can make a winner out of anyone. He’s a wheelchair racer who’s won a gold medal at the Olympics and world championships, and Paralympics as well. His main point, that I picked up anyways, is that we need to recognize the excellence around us, feed off that excellence, and live out that excellence ourselves. He spoke about overcoming seemingly insurmountable barriers (hey, the guy lost the use of his legs at 9 years old) to do feats of excellence like climbing the stairs of the CN Tower in Toronto in a wheelchair!

Think about that the next time you step into an elevator.

He received the longest ovation I’ve ever seen at any conference I’ve ever been to. I still get shivers about his powerful presentation.

Anyhow, I must get back to the next presentation. I’m on at 3:30 today – a tough time slot to keep attention, but I hope I can  make it interesting!




5 thoughts on “Cool Ideas Begin Here

  1. Looking forward to your session this afternoon and love the idea that Registrar’s are cool…because we certainly are and get to NEVER be bored.

    Your entries have been fun to peruse before your session. Look forward to meeting you.


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