Preview Day and Free Giveaway!

Hello my colleagues, friends, relatives and spam bots. Today is your lucky day!  I was inspired by our Admissions Office hosting a Preview Day for TWU on Friday so in honour of my 100th blog post (this one) I’m giving away some free swag.

But first some real value for you.

I hope your university or college offers campus visits. We just finished hosting a Preview Day on Friday. Here in BC, Friday was a day off for high school students as their teachers slacked off, er, took a professional development day (that’s a joke, teachers, don’t get all lathered up about it). We took the opportunity to invite high school students to the campus for a chance to get to know us better.

Why do I hope your school offers campus visits? Other than the fact that we think it’s fun to meet potential students, there are some hard facts and benefits of doing this. Our statistics show that applicants who visit our campus are more than 80% likely to enroll and their completion rates are better than average, too.

For our Preview Days we like to meet with students and parents and welcome them to campus. We give them a tour and take them to some classes and events on campus to give them a window into what it’s like to be a student at TWU. The highlight is an interactive session with a few professors who come and speak with students. This year, professor Cal Townsend received a great response from the visitors.

And also President Raymond (who is a very good speaker) welcomed everyone and spoke about his vision for the University.

Campus tours are always popular, with many students staying later to see even more of the campus.

For more info and pictures of Preview Day, check out our Facebook page.

And now the news you’ve all been waiting (or scrolling) patiently for – the FREE GIVEAWAY. The rules are simple. You sign up to get updates by email, or you retweet this message on Twitter and I will put your name in a random draw for free swag with the Trinity Western University logo on it.

Good luck! Oh, and make sure you get your Admissions/Recruitment departments hosting events on your campus and track whether it makes a difference or not. It sure does here!



3 thoughts on “Preview Day and Free Giveaway!

    1. And your name is in the hat!
      I went and got all productive about 6 months ago and started trying to shorten my blog posts but do two a week. That’s when my readers doubled. Not sure if there’s a correlation there. It’s sometimes hard to keep up that pace, but I’ve got a schedule of ideas out ahead of me for a few months that helps.


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