In Which I Find Myself Married to an Author

My wife Kathleen is an author and preschool teacher and speaker. She likes to say she starts kids off with a good education and I finish them 😉

She has two children’s books published now. The first has sold thousands of copies, and the second just came out but is already on it’s way to selling more and faster than the first. I’m pretty excited to be married to a famous author.

BlueBeary by Kathleen McMillan

Check out her books, which you can get in bookstores or for a better price you can order direct from the publisher’s webpage here:

Samantha's First Story by Kathleen McMillan

The publisher has a very unique niche market, that is taking off with all sorts of great inspiring projects. Check it out here:

If you have kids or relatives who are preschool to grade four, these books are a hit. So many people tell us their kids ask them to read them to them every night. So, when you buy them, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Hah hah.

Oh, and even cooler is the iPhone app you can buy for only $1.99 and Kathleen will read the story herself to the kids (even big kids like you).


7 thoughts on “In Which I Find Myself Married to an Author

  1. I met a couple on a train this fall whose grand daughter’s name was Kathleen McMillan..needless to say I did some publicity for BlueBeary…looking forward to the next one…have pre-ordered
    best wishes


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