A Funny Thing Happened The Other Day

A box arrived in the mail addressed to our office. It was light, about the size of a cardboard file box, with a personal name and return address. Daniel opened it and found a card addressed to Trinity Western University.

Dear Trinity Western,

In 1980, I graduated from Trinity Western University. In the excitement, or in a fit of nostalgic possessiveness, I can’t really remember now, the cap and gown would up coming home with me. It has made me feel guilty ever since, and I’ve determined to return it. I’m not sure it will be much good for you, but it will be one less thing on my conscience. My apologies.

The card circulated around our office and quite a number of people from across the campus have heard about this and came to see the cap & gown.

By the way, if you ever wondered if things were really better in the old days, the cap certainly is! It’s a solidly built mortar board – so solid, in fact, it might actually hold mortar!

Every now and then my faith in humanity is restored by experiences like this. Students and alumni make me smile all the time – they make the job meaningful.


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