Please Do Not Disturb

(Image credit: Alan Cleaver)

I presented on the topic of privacy to the TWU Admissions team and a few people from the Registrar’s Office today. I changed it up from my usual presentation style. I used a PowerPoint presentation, leading with an image followed by one point per slide and a story for each point. It worked very well, as during the discussion time afterwards, many stories were told and questions and discussions and solutions were shared by all.

The best part happened as I was telling a story about an inappropriate use of personal information, and there was some laughter and looks at one of the members present. The story wasn’t about her, but it could have been as she had been the victim of something very similar. Apparently a hotel staff member looked up information about her and contacted for a personal connection. Definitely a no-no and he was likely fired for the indiscretion (appropriately, I might add).

We’re all familiar with issues of privacy, thanks to Facebook’s trampling of the subject. We seem to know a breach of privacy when we see it, but, what many of us haven’t considered are the foundations of why privacy is important, what the ethical, legal, and relational costs are when someone oversteps a boundary.

I closed with a focus on trust and how it is the foundation of good business, even the business of recruiting, admitting, and graduating students. If we break trust by leaking private information, we could be considered incompetent. Do you trust an incompetent person?

I didn’t think so.

Contact me if you would like me to present to your group about this issue. My email address is


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