You Never Get a Second Chance…

…To Make a First Impression.

Orientation Week is on right now, and classes start Wednesday. So basically, right now everyone is focused on making a really good first impression.

  • Students are dressed to impress with lots of sly looks across the cafeteria at you know who.
  • Staff are working overtime to greet students and parents to give the right first impressions.
Making the first impression

We’re cheering because everything so far has gone very smoothly. And that’s important because, as Chris Brogan said today, “Quality customer service trumps PR and it trumps social media outreach. It’s the basics.”

It matters only a little that we painted our office and put up some new pictures to brighten the place up. It’s great that our IT department is working really hard to new buttons to the Student Portal, but… We’re trying to make sure parents feel comfortable leaving their newly minted adults in our care and that helps…

But those things wouldn’t matter if we didn’t nail the basics of course registration & scheduling, dorm keys, meal cards, and tuition payments. If we screw those up, no amount of after-the-fact fixing will give us that first impression back. Once we’ve got the basics down, then we can focus on the nice little bonus – the extras. You know, the pleasant surprises and, yes, the little fixes here and there.

A good first impression is a lot easier to make when we get the basics down. Thanks to the team of people at TWU who worked their butts off to do just that and now are working hard to wow students and parents. You know who you are.

Can you make a good first impression or are you trying to fix or re-make it right now? Who do you have to thank for making your school start-up a success?


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