Who’s Sticking It To You?

Who’s making your life difficult right now? Who’s sticking it to you?

Me? Faculty? Staff? Students? Parents? Government? Your boss?

Or is it you?

I’ve heard it said many times around our university, “This is so complicated!” Heck, I’ve SAID that too many times. And then we sigh and wish for the old days when things weren’t nearly as difficult.

Perhaps it’s time to take a stand against this hypercomplication! You and I both know that most faculty have made their careers out of dividing things into smaller units, tearing things apart, being critical of others. If they make things look simple, they work themselves out of a job – who needs a Ph.D. if it’s that easy?!

One of our office goals is to simplify, simplify, simplify. If the job is too complicated, who made it that complicated? In many cases, we did! We’re not going to ask faculty to critique things until we’re confident those things are simpler. We’re going to say “no” more often. We’re going to take a more active role in changing things that we complain about. We’re going to lead more and follow less.

Yes, looking in the mirror, we’ve probably been the ones who’ve made things more complicated.

So we’ve decided to stop!

What about you?


One thought on “Who’s Sticking It To You?

  1. Yay, thank you Grant!

    Let’s change the things we or anyone else complains about! Or even if they don’t complain, but just notice a challenge, let”s report it and see how we can streamline it.

    Simplify and clarify!

    thank you for these helpful blog posts!



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