Assuming the Worst, Work for the Best

I’ve never read The Tyee before, but here’s a story written from someone who assumes the worst of Christianity: Trinity Western University’s Long Reach to Ottawa.

It made me wonder when I read that Dave Barrett was Premier at one point in the article – clearly an error, but one copied by the author of this article from a book she relied on, so an easy mistake. And the author made many, many assumptions with little research, but it’s not a research article – clearly it’s an opinion piece. As such, I respond with my own personal opinion.

I always think it’s strange that people who obviously don’t espouse Christianity believe that they don’t espouse anything and that this is somehow better. I get it that Christians can be arrogant. I get it that Christians can act as though they are morally superior. Hey, news flash, anyone can. Perhaps even believing that not espousing any beliefs is best might be the ultimate of foolhardy arrogance. Come to think of it, believing you don’t espouse any particular belief might be the ultimate in blindness.

I also don’t understand why Christians shouldn’t attempt to influence the world in which they live, especially Christians in education. One would think that’s why anyone goes into education, or politics, or law, or whatever – to have some influence. Is it only that when you’re Christian it becomes bad? That part doesn’t make sense to me.

I also want to clarify that all TWU students are not Christian. Not by a long shot. The university makes no attempt to screen students for this in the admission or graduation process, and there are students of all faiths studying at the university. The university doesn’t hide the fact that it is a Christian Liberal Arts university, but it doesn’t require any declaration of any faith to study at it.

All my complaints aside, I thought the article told the story of TWU from an interesting angle. I personally pursued working at TWU precisely because I was inspired to work at a university that had this type of vision and commitment to excellence. Everywhere you turn, TWU gets the highest marks of quality – at least in the important things.  I wanted to work at a school I could be proud of, and an A+ in education with faculty doing great research, a desire to influence our society, and a commitment to students that is unparalleled all made me decide I wanted to work for TWU.

It ain’t perfect by any stretch of imagination, but that’s not the point. The point is, TWU tries hard – very hard – and it’s obvious from this article that it has, and is, making an impact.


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