Celebrating Good Stuff

Sometimes I groan about attending meetings. “Not another pointless meeting” I grumble. Sadly, sometimes I say this about meetings I organize.

You too?

Yeah, I thought so.

This morning I mixed things up a little. We had an office meeting scheduled, but instead of the usual dry matters on the agenda, we celebrated. I received a letter from a student who had high praise for how he was treated by Holly, one of our staff members. The letter praised her for her excellent customer service. The student told about how he was trying to make a payment to the University through our online system, but there was a card number issue.  He said Holly quickly responded to his phone call, even staying on the line while he was in the bank until the issue was resolved. His closing comments in the letter said, “I hope that Holly can be commended”.

So we commended Holly this morning.  I read the letter to the all the staff who clapped and cheered, then we had some yummy “home-baking” from Safeway.

Do you use meetings to support and encourage the kind of behaviour and office culture you want, or do you use them just to pass on information? Try mixing it up now and then.


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