Quick Read: Updates

Have I said I’m glad you’re here? If not, I apologize. I am very glad you’re reading this. I’m no pro at blogging and this is far from a professional blog (i.e., I make zero $$ off this thing), so kudos to you for putting up with me. But I try to make incremental improvements as I go. I read Chris Brogan’s blog regularly and I’m implementing some of his ideas today.

  • First, this blog is for you. You likely work in a busy office, except for my mother (Hi Mom!) and only have snatches of time here and there. I’ve tried to make the heading smaller and let you get to the good stuff right away. In the same vein, I’ve removed distracting stuff from the right hand column. What do you care about my Twitter feed anyhow? I think you should have one, but that’s for another blog post.
  • Second, this blog is for you. I have not tried to force you to sign up for anything – that’s not my point. But I have made sure you can register to get an email notification when I post something new. It’s easy and not very intrusive. I won’t use your email for anything other than letting you know there’s a new blog post – I promise. The link is up top over there ——->
  • Third, this blog is for you. I know there are over 380 of you that read it on a regular basis, unless my mother is running around to 380 different computers to bump up my blog stats (Stop it, Mother!). If you enjoy it share it with your friends. And please let them know about the “About this Blog” page. That way they can know what to expect. This is pretty basic stuff, mostly because I’m a pretty basic guy, but sometimes people expect more. Help set their expectations.
  • Fourth, this blog is for you. If there’s a topic or story you want to hear more about, send me a note. I’m open to guest posts from others anytime. Send me an email at grant.mcmillan@twu.ca or post a comment. I read them all and respond promptly.

Here are some up-coming topics:

  • book or article reviews of stuff that helps me do my job. Maybe these will help you too;
  • social media & the Registrar (this is the Twitter thing I mentioned above);
  • people I work with – everyday heroes who get stuff done and what makes them successful;
  • Registrar 101: What is a credit or semester hour?
  • swallowing your morning frog – you’ll just have to guess at this one!

I’m glad you’re here and reading this stuff. Don’t forget to sign up for the PACRAO conference in November. I’ll be presenting on this blog and giving some insider info on what I hope it will do and what it can do for you too.



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