Success Story #2

A while ago I invited you to send me examples of success stories from the Office of the Registrar and I would profile them. Here’s another example of what I’d like from you.

The other day, a gentleman came into the office building and said with a big grin, “Hi, I’m here!” and engaged in some friendly banter with one of our staff members. He seemed so comfortable like he was meeting old friends. I think it came as a bit of a shock to him when the staff asked him who he was. He obviously assumed we would know.

“I’m Doug,” he said, and then explained why he thought we should know him as we had been sending him emails for months. [Inside my head I was kind of joking, “Oh, you’re Doug!” like out of the thousands of students we have there’s only one Doug. Right.] We were able to serve him and he was able to continue on his way to his start his grad program, which he was obviously excited about.

You ask me why this is a success story?

It’s a success because he thought we were a warm and welcoming office that took an interest in him personally. Did we know him? No – he was a name in an email mail-merge. However, we do try hard to be warm and welcoming in all our communication and once we actually met Doug face to face, we were able to extend that further. It was a success because our email communication up to this point certainly was personal for him. Then after he arrived here from Switzerland to engage his studies, his first experience on campus was to meet some friendly staff. He left happy. We were happy too, albeit a little bewildered – did he actually think we would know who he was?

But upon reflection, that’s exactly the kind of excellence in student-staff interaction we hope for (I’ve been a fan of Tom Peters’ commitment to excellence since my grad studies). It was more success than we’d hoped for!

What are some of your success stories?


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