If You Think This Can’t Happen Here…

Think again!

Did you read this story about Adam Wheeler in the NY Times the other day? It sure made me sit up and pay attention! I work at a small school and, like Harvard, we don’t have the capacity to review every applicant file to the level of detail required to protect against this type of fraud. We try our best, but we also have to rely on good systems.

As a result of this story, I reviewed the number of applicants in the past 5 years we have caught falsifying documents or information and what we’ve done with them. In each case, we have denied them admission. But interestingly, we have never discovered a case of a current student who slipped through our systems undetected. I suspect that some have done so, but we haven’t caught them.

I did discover something that troubled me, however. We don’t have a policy to guide us in what to do. Oh, we have a consistent history of practice (we deny admission), but the policy seems to be missing. So, I’m working on one. I’ll let you know what I come up with. If you have a policy on this already and you’re willing to share, would you either post it or the link to it in a comment?

On that note, have you noticed that I posted a new link on the right side of this page? Check out the Student Services Policy @ MacEwan link. Perhaps it will spark some ideas of your own.

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3 thoughts on “If You Think This Can’t Happen Here…

  1. I can’t imagine the level of stress this young man began his adult life with!

    I truly hope he makes changes now and helps others do the same. Creating so many layers of lies was like building his life on a foundation of sand and now it has been washed away.

    Shows what deception can do when you let it run away with you.



  2. Hi Grant, This is an interesting situation indeed. In reviewing other policies for work on our own, I did see that some other institutions have policy regulations under an academic dishonesty umbrella. At MacEwan, we chose to address this in our admission policy, and it states the following: MacEwan reserves the right to deny admission to an applicant or require a student to withdraw for fraudulent admission practices. We have had occasion to both deny admission and require current students to withdraw because of this. Stefanie


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