Bursting Your Bubble

Why do students come to your College or University? It sure ain’t because they want to get to know YOU!

There. I said it. I’ve offended you. Sorry, but it needed to be said.

As wonderful as you are (I probably know all of you and can vouch for your amazing-ness), you really aren’t the reason students give $6-35,000 a year to study at your institution. Well, I suppose your son or daughter might study at your school because you work there or maybe because they get free tuition like my kids. But really, the other 5,000 students? They don’t know you from a hole in the ground and couldn’t care less. Need proof? Ask them what a Registrar does [evil grin]. Go ahead. I dare you!

Ok, so now that I’ve belittled you and made light of our lovely profession, what’s my point?

My point is this: once you’ve given up those delusions of grandeur you can be free to do your job. What is your job? It’s to make education possible. It’s to make it easy to connect students to the people who will change their lives: faculty!

If you’re changing students’ lives, then there’s something wrong at your school. If you constantly have to fix something wrong and change students’ lives, maybe there’s something bigger that’s wrong. Maybe you’re not doing your job.

Alright, alright, that’s a wee bit of hyperbole. If you’ve changed a student’s life, kudos to you. But I hope you catch my drift. Don’t fall prey to the glory and ego-trap that wants to put you in the spot light. The Registrar’s Office should simply enable really good education. Remember that as you develop policy and process.

And again, sorry to burst your bubble. I, for one, really like you.

[But I still wouldn’t pay $6 grand per semester to get to know you!]

A quick P.S. Shortly after I posted this, Chris Brogan (who I greatly respect) said it better. Check out his two minute video about staying mindful.


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