Some Improvements to This Blog

Ok, so I started this blog some time ago, and it’s taken me many months to figure out how to make things show up, such as my picture (or Gravatar as WordPress calls it), other pages, email subscriptions, and an archive. I had created those things almost immediately, but couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t show on the website. Guess what? They’re Widgets and there’s a process to get them to show. Go figure! So, I figured, and presto, they exist.

Where, you ask?

Right over there —>

You might have to scroll down, but they’re there. Now you can subscribe to the blog, which means I’ll send you an email every time I make a new blog post. Then you can get all excited and drop whatever else you are doing and rush over to read the post. Or you can save it for later by placing that email into your “Action Items” email folder – something I learned from David Allen in Getting Things Done.

You can check out my picture (taken on Orientation Day this past September) and stalk me on Twitter. Interested in reading and learning more about how to be a Registrar? Check out the Archives of previous posts.

Is there a coincidence that final exams ended on Friday and I figured this out the following Monday?

Nope. Students have gone home for the holidays, and I finally had the time to spend figuring this out. Oh, there are other important things calling out to me, inviting me to turn down their paths, but you take priority right now.  And you’ve been very patient, as always.

Thank you.


P.S. Watch for a new post on customer service and working with other departments to achieve it.


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