Will Universities Survive 2012?

I think our universities will do just fine. Remember Y2K and the panic about planes dropping out of the sky, entire cities going black because the power failed? Remember when people bought wood stoves and generators to heat and power their homes? Did anything happen?

Hollywood has given us another reason to panic, only this time it’s a new threat: global warming and prophecies of the end of time.

Dave Cunning wrote a guest blog clearing up some facts about the movie 2012, with good humour. But, as always, good humour raises some good questions  – this time about why we watch these things.  Check it out (especially the comments) here.

Merry Christmas!



2 thoughts on “Will Universities Survive 2012?

  1. Thanks for the plug, Grant! Hopefully the post clears up some misconceptions for people who are already building bomb-shelters under their houses to hide in when the calendar strikes 2012. Everyone is welcome to chime in, if they like!


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