Location, Location, Location!

Mattson CentreIt’s an old cliche by now, but its truth was validated again for me today. Twenty first year education students were standing outside of the Registrar’s Office in the Mattson Centre building shortly after I arrived at work this morning. Laurette, our manager of student finances asked them what they were here for. They replied that they were told they could check in between 8:00 and 8:30 am. Of course, we knew nothing of this, so after probing a little, Laurette discovered they were supposed to check in at the Welcome Centre. I guess because our building is the first building on campus and has the title of “Centre”, these students thought we were close enough  and would do in a pinch (smile).

This shows me again the value of location, even in a university context. It is also proof that we are a business, even though we consciously try not to be. We can try all we want, but there’s no getting around it: we are a business!


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