Universities Brace For Swine Flu

Ah, I scooped the CBC!

To me the biggest issue is going to be getting through to a demographic that believes itself to be invincible. Our strategy is to have our staff react fairly strongly to flu-like symptoms that they see in students. It doesn’t hurt to be protective and safe in this case. But to ignore and deny could lead to a much worse problem.

Something else I think will be interesting is watching how world-wide media and mass communication can influence a pandemic. We didn’t have these options during the last world-wide flu pandemic, the Spanish Flu. Will things like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and online news help matters or not?


One thought on “Universities Brace For Swine Flu

  1. I’m skeptical about these online social media networks helping flu pandemics, but they are helping us find each other’s blogs! Thanks for including me in your blogroll, I’m going to link you up on mine as well. Mine tend to be a little light-hearted (though I swear I’ll throw something intelligent in, someday), so when you’re tired of writing these serious ones, you’re always welcome over at
    http://davecunning.wordpress.com !

    From what i’ve heard, Asians (Koreans in particular) have taken the most precautions with H1N1; not sending students to study in Canada or the States, and even quarantining visitors who come there. Things I’ve read say swine flu is an overgrown common cold. But some people still don’t believe in Global Warming either…


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