WARUCC Conference #2

This is a continuation of my post on the Registrars Conference at Grant MacEwan College.

Back to the Opening Keynote Speaker, Dr. Billy Strean, I should have mentioned that he is nicknamed “The Hoho Dojo” because he actually views laughter as something that can be taught. He explained that there is a difference between “laughter” and “humour”.

  • Laughter is universal and physical. It can be stimulated by humour, but can also be stimulated for many reasons. One universal outcome is that it discharges tension [although in this blogger’s opinion, it can sometimes raise the tension – remember Silence of the Lambs?]
  • Humour is personal, subjective, and psychological. it signals a quick shift of perception and can be called “a train-wreck of the mind.”

A sense of humour is important because it can help us see the lighter side of situations. The Hoho Dojo says it can do all sorts of things. It can sell, convince, instruct, entertain, and communicate. Job applicants with a sense of humour get more jobs and better promotions.

Dr. Strean described a person without a sense of humour as a wagon without springs, jolted by every pebble in the road. I believe that a person without a sense of humour probably has a mental illness, although I am aware of no research which supports this idea.


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