Tuition Increases

The annual discussion about tuition increases has begun.  In the Province of BC, most Registrars have said their institutions will apply to their Boards for a 2% increase for the 2009-10 fiscal year. TWU, which is  a private university, announced that the 2009-10 fiscal year’s tuition increase would be 5.67%, which is slightly lower than the 7% increases for the previous three years.


2 thoughts on “Tuition Increases

  1. The tuition discussion has begun at Briercrest as well. At this point we are looking at a tuition increase as well for next year. In the recent past we have had 3-5% annual increases. It is likely that the increase will be more than that this year. We will also have an increase on the R/B side as well.

    This will be hard news for students but we don’t have many options since we are a private institutuion with the primary reveneue source being tuition.


    1. This is the big difference between publics and privates. Publics get government funding from taxes AND then they increase tuition. Privates have no government funding and are exclusively funded from users, unless there are huge endowments. I think if the privates can keep increases to less than 6%, they’re doing really well.


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