Why Another Blog?

I have three specific reasons for subjecting you to yet another blog.

First, as far as I can tell, there is only one other Registrar out there blogging, but it’s from the UK. A link to that blog is here: http://registrarism.wordpress.com/ and as you will see, it is quite specific to the UK and even to one particular university. Therefore, I believe there is value in blogging about the Canadian Registrar experience.

Second, I hope to demystify what it is that a Registrar does, and provide insights into the profession. I want the position to be more transparent and understandable to those considering entering it. There have been discussions at the Registrars Association level of offering a Registrar 101 course for any who might be considering the profession. I support such an endeavor and this blog will attempt to discuss topics that would be applicable to a Registrar 101 course.

Third, I want to engage in dialogue with others in the profession, and help ensure the position is relevant to the world of education. I perceive a lack of awareness and understanding about the position of Registrar, and I believe that anytime this problem exists, it is possible to be out-of-touch with reality. I hope to keep it real and I will encourage the profession to continue to be grounded in reality and to continue to make itself a relevant profession. I hope transparency and engaging with others will help in this regard.


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